Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It's been a while hasn't it. I took a sabatical from forums and other traders to take stock (scuse the pun). Although I was doing ok, chucking the job in wasn't happening, and personal stuff was making it impossible - also the way I traded I discovered... didn't fit my lifestyle. So, it was time to take a break.

New and good things occurred and are occurring, my style of trading has changed considerably after taking time out and analysing goals and time available. I'm more than happy with the way things are going now. Chucking the job in is still on, but it had to be pushed out a few months.

As time goes on this blog will be attached to, a new venture that is being planned.

Good luck to all, and thanks for the all the emails of support and questions as to where the heck I'd got to! You know who you are and it's much appreciated!

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